Running rails and Race Rails

Running rails and race rails have various roles in horseracing. The most important one is marking the boundary of the racetrack, acting as a guideline for the horse and the jockey. Obviously, running rails are a necessity for trainers and competitors. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality products for our customers. As a result, our running rails are popular amongst the top trainers in Ireland.

Whether you train your horses on grass based surfaces or on all weather surfaces, it is important to invest in the right running rails to improve the performance or your horses. Our focus is to provide high-quality products that last the test of time and provide you with safety and comfort. Horseracing is a beautiful sport, but without the right precautions, it can lead to accidents. This is why researchers have found alternatives to the old products, guiding consumers towards sports safety fencing. Choosing the best products and doing a lot of research before making a purchase is a great way to avoid unwanted situations.

Running rails are composed of three major components: the rail profile, the posts and the ground footing. Our running rails use top quality white uPvc specially reinforced for use on race tracks. We do not use metals like steel or aluminium in order to provide customers with the highest levels of safety. This means that we make sure that the running rails are extremely resistant, but not harmful to the horse or trainer in the case of impact. As opposed to metal rails, uPvc rails flex and support the horse in case of impact, returning to the original position afterwards. You can choose from two options: “straight” or “swan neck” uprights. We made sure that the shape, heights and size of our running rails ensure high levels of visibility and safety.

When it comes to racing, our race rail fencing system is created to deal with the pressure that comes with a competitive, high-speed environment. The shape and design of our race rail will minimise the risk of injuries that can so easily happen at high speed. In fact, the majority of horse racing accidents happen due to impact with the rails at high speed. For this reason, it is important to invest in the right race rail system, built from the right material and able to minimise damage in case of impact.

We are aware of the pressure involved in horseracing and we are happy to play our part in the industry by providing customers with great products that they can trust. Our team is dedicated to providing you with all the relevant information about our various services and products, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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